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Dry Treat PORCELAIN PLUS™ is a premium, impregnating sealer specifically designed for porcelain and quartz surfaces. PORCELAIN PLUS™ features nano size sealing molecules that will seal the micro pores in polished porcelains and quartz surfaces. This new technology has been developed specifically for surfaces with low absorption rates in an easy to use, non-film forming sealer.

Typical applications: 

PORCELAIN PLUS™ was specifically designed for porcelain and quartz surfaces.


  • Seals micro pores in polished porcelain and quartz surfaces
  • Creates a unique molecular bond
  • Permanent, long lasting protection
  • Repels oil and water based stains
  • Non-film forming and invisible
  • Holds up to commercial cleaners and cleaning equipment
  • Will not change the coefficient of friction (COF) of the surface
  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial use
  • 10-Year Performance Warranty


Type – Sealers

PORCELAIN PLUS™/Porcelain & Quartz Sealer - 946ml/1 Quart110600£59.80 Ex. VAT

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946ml/1 Quart

VOC Content

VOC compliant in containers having capacities of one Liter or less.

Active Content

Over 60% active contents in alcohol.