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Dry Treat STAIN-PROOF WATERBORNE™ is a premium water-based sealing technology designed to seal a range of stone and masonry surfaces, including granite, travertine, limestone and marble. STAIN-PROOF WATERBORNE protects against staining from oils and other contaminants and provides long-lasting water repellency. Treated surfaces retain breathability, existing color and finish – surfaces are also easier to clean. For indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial use.

Typical Applications

STAIN-PROOF WATERBORNE™ is suitable for a wide variety of applications, including building facades, floors, walls, swimming pool surrounds, patios, garages, kitchens and entertaining areas.


  • Will not darken appearance of substrate – retains the color and finish of the surface.
  • Short dwell time for quicker application.
  • Single application required – permanently bonds to surface.
  • Permanent oil and water repellency for stain protection.
  • Greatly reduces water uptake and minimizes freeze thaw, spalling and efflorescence.
  • Superior penetration, breathability, and alkali resistance.
  • Treated surfaces are easier to clean.
  • Suitable for indoor, outdoor, residential and commercial use.


Type – Sealers

STAIN PROOF WATERBORNE™/Premium Waterborne Impregnating Sealer - 473ml/16 flu oz180112£56.16 Ex. VAT

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STAIN PROOF WATERBORNE™/Premium Waterborne Impregnating Sealer - 3.79L/1 Gallon180133£186.00 Ex. VAT

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473ml/16 flu oz, 3.79L/1 Gallon

VOC Content

VOC (US EPA Method 24) < 100g/liter (including water, Low Solid Coating)

Active Content

Proprietary blend in water based emulsion.