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Water based non slip treatment for Granite and Porcelain stoneware Antislip G is a water-based non-slip treatment, specific for granite and porcelain stoneware. It does not form a film on the surface and acts definitively, making the treated material non-slip. The product is easy to use and with short preparation times.

The product is water based and colourless. Acid product, ready for use, to be used with care and professionalism.


The Treatment helps to obtain a non-slip surface
long resistance to passing and daily traffic
product with high coverage

TENAX ANTISLIP G - Clear29565 LT1£55.70 Ex. VAT

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Technical Specs

Consistency: Liquid
Base Type: Water/Acid – PH 1.5
Use: Internal/External
Coverage : 30 – 40m²/l


Spread the product evenly with a rag or brush on the dry and clean surface to be treated. For large surfaces, we recommend the use of a single brush, with soft felt, in order to allow a homogeneous reaction of the ANTISLIP on the surface. Leave the treatment to act for 1 to 15 minutes* and then rinse thoroughly with clean water. If the desired result is not obtained, repeat the application a second time. In some cases the product could cause a gloss decrease, so when a surface is treated for the first time it is advisable to evaluate its effect on a sample or hidden corner. It is an irreversible treatment.