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Deeper is a food safe colour enhancer and sealer for both polished and unpolished natural stone including granite, marble, travertine and engineered stone such as Quartz.

This product has all the same effects and resistant properties to Ager but is also now Food Safe.

This product will create a long lasting permanent wet look on all types of unpolished stone. It can be used on granite to enhancer the colour to both the edge and surface face. Deeper acts as a strong sealer, water and oil repellent allow the stone to breathe naturally.

The transparent colour is easy to apply, has anti-graffiti properties and is UV resistant, not yellowing in the sun once dried ideal for internal and external use.

This product has all the upsides and is one we highly recommend.


Food Safe
Wet effect
Colour enhancer and sealer
UV resistant and does not yellow in the sun
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
Long lasting
Covers imperfections

Type – Sealers

TENAX DEEPER - Transparent, 1000ml26233 LT1£47.97 Ex. VAT

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What's Included

x1 1000ml unit

Technical Specs

Base Type: Solvent
Consistency: Liquid
Colour: Transparent
Coverage: up to 40 m
Drying Time: 20 before re-coat
Repellent Effect: 24 hours
Storage: 18-25 °C
Shelf Life: 2 years