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This kit by Tenax is designed for the care of marble, granite and stone. It has been designed to look attractive in the home environment and to appeal to the discerning domestic user.

Briotop cleaner is specifically formulated for everyday use on granite and marble worktops and vanity tops. It can also be used on porcelain, glass and mirrors. Briotop cleans quickly and easily and sanitises without the need to rinse.

Skudo is a water based sealer which protects marble, granite and natural stone from water and oil. It does not change the colour of the material and is food safe.


Ordinary Cleaning – Briotop 500ml Spray (shines the surface, universal cleaner & ready to use)
Sealer – Skudo 250ml Bottle ( Water based, food safe sealer & Ready to use)

TENAX NATURAL STONE CARE KIT - Briotop 500ml Spray and Skudo 250ml Bottle23989 ML150£38.98 Ex. VAT

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Kit Includes

Briotop 500ml Spray and Skudo 250ml Bottle

Technical Specs

For Use on: Marble, Granite & Stone
Consistency: Spray &; Liquid (s)
Shelf Life: 2 years
Storage: check each product 18-25ºC
Size: 250ml – 500ml


A preliminary test in a small, hidden, area is recommended before the main application. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet before use. Keep away from heat and humidity. Keep away from direct sunlight.