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Enhancer and protective treatment

Used to treat polished marble and granite, to increase the colour and brilliance of the material, enhancing the treated surfaces.


  • Revives the natural grain of the material
  • Important resistance to traffic
  • Ideal for large surfaces
  • Easy to apply


Type – Sealers

TENAX TENHANCE - 50ml26857 50 ml£4.70 Ex. VAT

Out of stock

TENAX TENHANCE - 1L26857 1LT£35.58 Ex. VAT

Out of stock

TENAX TENHANCE - 5L26857 5 LT£165.18 Ex. VAT

Out of stock

TENAX TENHANCE - 10L26857 10 LITRE£285.38 Ex. VAT

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TENAX TENHANCE - 20L26857 20 LITRE£612.88 Ex. VAT

Out of stock

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50ml, 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L


Material: natural stones (polished, honed, rough), marble (polished, honed, rough), granite (polished, honed, rough)
Appearance: opalescent liquid


To be applied pure on completely dry and clean surfaces, using a paintbrush, cloth, sponge and wax spreading fleece. For best results, on most absorbent surfaces, apply wet on wet, making sure to apply the amount that the material naturally absorbs evenly, avoiding the direct sunlight and the temperature of the material above 30 degrees. If applied in excess, a sticky surface film is created which can be easily removed. After 4-5 minutes from the application, remove the product in excess not absorbed, with a clean cloth or sponge; for large surfaces, use a single brush machine equipped with suitable disc. Desired protection is reached 24 hours after treatment. After application, do not step on the surface, for 12 hours.