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Tenax Vinylester Glue Titanium is a hybrid between polyester and vinyl glues which shares the benefits of both types of glue. Tenax recommends it for seaming, laminations, mitre cuts and chip repairs on all granite, marbles, quartz and quartzite material.

Titanium works well on white, light and dark surfaces, it sets fast, has very good workability properties and can be used with colour tubes to reach the desired colour.

It is for internal and external use. Titanium has low curing temperature (+5ºC) is easy to apply and has a thick consistency after adding the hardener as well as a high gloss that can be further polished.


  • High adhesion
  • Fast working
  • Colouring with colour tubes
  • Low curing temperature +5ºC
  • Can be sanded and polished
  • For light and dark stone use
  • Low shrinkage
  • Use indoor and outdoor
  • Easy to apply
TENAX TITANIUM KNIFE GRADE - Black, 1000ml, With Hardener32270/10743LT1£29.90 Ex. VAT

In stock

TENAX TITANIUM KNIFE GRADE - Clean White, 1000ml, With Hardener32270/10097LT1£29.90 Ex. VAT

In stock

TENAX TITANIUM KNIFE GRADE - Extra Clear, 1000ml, With Hardener25512/11022 LT1£24.61 Ex. VAT

Out of stock

TENAX TITANIUM KNIFE GRADE - Neutro, 1000ml, With Hardener25512/11002 LT1£24.61 Ex. VAT

In stock

TENAX TITANIUM KNIFE GRADE - Transparent, 4L, With Hardener20064£89.43 Ex. VAT

Out of stock

Additional information


Black, Clean White, Extra Clear, Neutro, Transparent



Technical Specs

Type: Vinylester Glue
For Use On: Granite, marble, quartz and quartzite
Consistency: Solid
Shelf Life: 10 months
Use: Indoor/Outdoor
Mix Ratio: 1 %-2% hardener
Gel Time: 4 – 6 mins


Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet before use. Keep away from heat and humidity. Keep away from direct sunlight.