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Uniblack 1 is for eliminating the defects in black granites like Black Africa or Black Impala and similar material. Its application darkens the surface of the material making it more homogeneous and more black. It is a quick drying black liquid wax used to increase the black effect on polished, brushed and smooth surfaces.

This product can be used both on an automatic waxing machine as well as manually. The use of Uniblack 2 can maintain the rich colour created.


For black granite
Darkens the colour
Eliminated defects
Does not increase gloss
Quick drying

Type – Sealers

TENAX UNIBLACK 1 - Black, 1000ml19177 LT 1£28.08 Ex. VAT

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What's Included

x1 1000ml unit

Technical Specs

Consistency: Liquid
Colour: Black
Base Type: Solvent
Shelf Life: 2 years
Coverage: 20 – 30m²
Drying Time: 24 hours
Storage: 18-25˚


Refer to Safety Data Sheet and Technical Data Sheet before use. A preliminary test in a small, hidden, area is recommended before the main application. Ensure the stone is fully clean and dry and honed to a grit 400 to 600. Pour the liquid onto the area and allow it to penetrate the surface. Move the excess liquid around the material using a cloth. Remove all of the remaining colour enhancer using a dry cloth – do not allow the product to dry on
the surface. Keep the surface dry for up to 24 hours, depending on the product used. Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet for specific guidance on the colour enhancer you are using. Depending on the porosity of the surface and the application, a second treatment maybe required.


A preliminary test in a small, hidden, area is recommended before the main application. Please refer to the Safety Data Sheet before use. Keep away from heat and humidity. Keep away from direct sunlight.