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Tenax Universal Tile & Stone Repair Kit

The Tenax Universal Repair kit was designed for professional and very high precision repairs of natural stone, ceramic, and quartz surfaces. Ideal for repairing chipping on the surface or the edge.

This is a complete kit, it has everything you would need to repair small fissures/chips on natural stone, quartz and ceramic tiles. It is super quick and easy to use.

Kit Contains:

  • 6 Universal repair cartridges / 50 ml each
  • 5 Universal coloring paste / 75 ml – white, yellow, red, blue, black
  • 1 Cartridge Gun
  • 10 mixing tips
  • 4 Plexiglass slides
TENAX UNIVERSAL TILE & STONE REPAIR KIT - Tenax Universal Tile & Stone Repair Kit00031297£350.00 Ex. VAT

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